The Life & Work of Lawrence Durrell

Welcome to Inventions of Spring, an unofficial guide to the life and work of Lawrence Durrell.

Lawrence Durrell's life spanned the greater part of the twentieth century. Between his birth in India in 1912 and his death in France in 1990, he lived in countless countries and enjoyed literary friendships with Henry Miller, T.S. Eliot, Freya Stark and many other writers. While technically British (although in fact he never held a British passport), Durrell hated the country, referring to it as "Pudding Island" and spending as little time there as possible. (Read more about Durrell's life in his biography.)

His best known work is The Alexandria Quartet, a work in four parts (as its name suggests) which explores themes of modern love through the use of different perspectives based on Einsteinian notions of time. He wrote numerous other works, including novels, poetry, plays and travel books. Of the latter, the most famous is Bitter Lemons, written about the time he spent living on Cyprus as a British press officer. (See Lawrence Durrell's bibliography.)